Ah the glass partition, also known as a “Partition Glass Wall”, is an excellent non-load bearing glass pane which primarily functions as a room divider.

The choice of adding partition glass to a business’ offices has become popular. It helps business owners to keep the space open and more accessible while there is still a necessary division of spaces.

Since cubicles are gradually becoming a thing of the past, glass partition is a modern choice for businesses today. These partitions use a high-quality commercial glass material, which comes in a variety of types and is seen virtually everywhere in the business sector. When clients visit your office, partition glass looks infinitely better than cubicles, and increases your brand’s value.

Do you want to know why partition glass is the best option for your commercial space or office? If so, then you have landed at the right place. We recommend that you carefully read this article in order to get the most out of it!

Functions of Partition Glass

If you want to give your commercial space or office a sleek and elegant design, then you should consider installing glass partitions. They are highly desired in any professional office.

Partitions made up of commercial glass are specifically designed to boast the transformation of your office layout – making the most out of the office workspace.

Typically partitions are available in both single and double glazing, each has its own specific benefits. The minimum industrial measurement for single glazed partitions is about 25mm square. That way, they offer a lot of natural light to penetrate. Likewise, they are cheaper to install, nonetheless, less efficient in soundproofing.

In contrast, most business owners install double glazed partitions, which offer more effective soundproofing – thus alternating the mixture of toughened and laminated commercial glass thickness – yet offering a discreet, slimline design.

Partition glass has the ability to eliminate vertical posts and unsightly junctions in the office. You can hire a qualified professional or company to get the job done according to your personal preferences – be it straight striking lines, graceful curves, or facets.

In addition, as a business owner, you must know that glass partitions come with a variety of fixtures and fittings, for instance, reducer spots, deflection heads, and door frames. They are fully demountable and can be customized according to the needs of your office space.

Advantages of Partition Glass

Let us now go over the main benefits of installing partition glass in your office or commercial space. Read on!


Reconfiguration of Your Office Space


We all know that traditional partitions do not allow you to create new office layouts. It is because their designs restrict you from moving them from one place to another. Therefore, if you want to create new layouts in your office workspace, then opt for portable partition glass.

Installing a portable partition glass walls will enable you to easily and quickly transform your office workspace into the open-plan area with an adjoining meeting area as well as a conference room.


More Natural Light


Commercial glass partitions enable business owners to create awesome office interiors where the natural light will penetrate in the workspace – and even in the gloomiest of corners. At the same time, to further maximize the penetration of natural light in your commercial space, go for a portable partition glass products. They are easily customizable and you can change the office layout anytime you want. Obviously, quickly and easily!


Improved Acoustics


Excessive noise in open-plan workspaces is a problem for most business owners. You can’t simply solve this problem with traditional partitioning technologies or drywalls if you want to keep the open-plan spaces.

On the other hand, partition glass allows the company’s building managers to reduce noise pollution or ambient noise in large, airy spaces without compromising the aesthetics of your office’s original interior design.

Therefore, as professional office workspace designers, we recommend you to use half-height custom glass partitions, which will not only help you reduce the ambient noise but will also help you retain all the positive aspects or features of your open-plan office.


Affordable Remodeling


Commercial glass partitions is a cost-effective option when it comes to altering the interior design of your office or commercial space. This will make it more eye-catching and appealing to your target audience.

Partition glass walls are specifically designed to provide portability to the building owners – that’s why you can move them quickly and easily than traditional partitions. Another advantage is that you won’t need any specialized tools or close your office for lengthy renovation work.