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Residential & Commercial Glass Partition Company In Vancouver

We at Cypress, as a professional residential and commercial glass partition fabricator in Vancouver can handle all your needs in installaing or designing partitions in your home or office.

No matter what space you’re working with in your home or office, glass will be a beautiful addition that will enhance the space and provide it with a touch of luxury, professionalism and class. It allows for natural light to come in, potentially decreasing your energy costs, and the look is unmatched.

Glass Walls

Glass walls and glass doors have all kinds of advantages, and we’re the experts for you to turn to wherever you are in the Greater Vancouver Area. There are quite a few types of glass walls that you can consider, depending on your space and your specific requirements.

Glass walls are ideal for the modern office. Boardrooms today are almost always enclosed with glass on at least one side, providing people in the room with a feeling of being less enclosed and more open. Glass walls are very common to use for individual offices as well. They provide an open feeling, while many types are soundproof, so phone calls and meetings can take place without everyone hearing every word that’s spoken.

Our spectacular partition glass walls & dividers are a creative custom way to add some privacy to your business without compromising the feeling of being in a wide open space or having your office shrink. Glass walls are an amazing way to increase employee motivation, happiness, and communication. Typical office cubicles tend to cause mental exhaustion over time while glass dividers make sure that all of our employees feel refreshed, ready to go, and included as part of the team, even when they’re left out of the room.

We offer a variety of different kinds of partition glass for your consideration, including both single and double glazing, which both offer their own unique benefits.  Single glazed partitions are usually about 25mm and are cheaper to produce and install. They also allow an abundance of light to enter the room, however on the other hand the downside is that they are not as good at insulating sound as the double glazed glass. This double glazed glass is typically installed by business owners because although more expensive, it provides magnificent sound proofing capabilities so that all of your phone calls and meetings stay private.

All in all, partition glass walls (no matter whether you decide to go with the single glazed or double glazed glass) is a very affordable way to renovate your office space or home compared to other types of walls and divisions, and it also includes the multitude of benefits we went over earlier such as soundproofing, increased communication & productivity, and mental health. Cypress Glass is Vancouver’s leading expert on glass, including partition glass, so contact us now for a quote on whichever partition glass is right for your space.