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Glass Balcony Railings

Premium Glass Balcony Railings for Vancouver Homes

Cypress Glass is the leading manufacturer and installer, offering a wide range of Glass systems that are designed to enhance the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re looking for a glass railing, a glass partition, or a glass balcony railing for your home in Vancouver. Get in touch with us today!



Balcony Railing Vancouver

If you live in the Vancouver area and looking to add something new to your backyard, glass balcony railings from Cypress Glass are a great choice! These railing systems are both stylish and modern and will add something new and refreshing to your backyard patio. These railings are safe and secure and are made from only the toughest glass. Safety is a top priority for Cypress Glass, and we’ll make sure we don’t cut any corners!

The style of glass balcony railing that you eventually choose will depend on what you are looking for and what you typically use your balcony for. Are you placing privacy at the top of your list of concerns? If so, you will likely want to go with frosted glass for your new balcony railings. Frosted glass provides privacy while still maintaining that sleek modern look.



Framed vs. Frameless: Choosing the Perfect Glass Balcony Railing for Your Style

Do you want to take a minimalistic approach? Frameless glass guardrails are available, and provide the most minimalistic look available when made with clear glass. Lastly, maybe you just want the most traditional type of glass guardrail; clear glass with frames. Framed glass is great for a modern look that has defined edges, giving your balcony more pop.

At Cypress Glass, we know that you care about safety, and this is why we design all of our exterior railing projects including glass balcony railings to be sturdy, durable, and safe. Safety is one of the biggest advantages of equipping your balcony with a glass railing.


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We build our railings using tempered glass that is specially designed to withstand impact and not shatter. Though a glass balcony railing made with frosted glass provides privacy, some may prefer a more traditional type of railing, and this is something to think about if you fall into this category.

No matter what your priorities are when looking to upgrade your home’s exterior, the expert team at Cypress Glass can help! Our industry knowledge can help you to make the best possible design decisions, and we strive to make your experience a positive one!

We invite you to explore our website further and discover the wide range of services we offer, including design and installation of stunning balcony glass railings. At Cypress Glass, we aim to transform your vision into reality, and you’ll be amazed by the seamless experience from day one of your glass railing project!


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