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Glass Railings in Vancouver

Framed & Frameless. Top & Side Mount. Interior & Exterior.

Framed & frameless glass railings provide one of the best aesthetic improvements to your home or office building. They are stylish, clean, simple, efficient, and modern, yet highly functional. Homeowners who recognize the usefulness of glass railings will not hesitate to tell you about the stunning effects it leaves on its viewers.

Glass railings are naturally designed to minimize the interruption of your view. At Cypress Glass, we go the extra mile to provide you with high-quality glass railings that guarantee expert craftsmanship, exceptional views, and also delivers safety without compromising the landscape of your home.

All glass for our railings is tempered safety glass and is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and finishes. They can also be designed to fit your specific needs, whatever the shape or size may be. You can be sure that you will enjoy beautiful, clear, unobstructed views from any angle of your home or business with these stunning glass railings.

Our framed & frameless glass railing solutions can be applied to virtually any area of your home or business including the front and/or backyard decks, patios, as well as indoor and outdoor staircases. They also work great at providing maximum protection and complimenting your style while enhancing your view.

Whether you’re customizing your new home construction or undertaking a remodeling project for your home, these frameless glass railings are guaranteed to instantly improve your curb appeal while also adding value to your home or business property. We have in stock varieties of glass railings that are of the highest quality and are also the latest and best designs in the market.

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 Our commitment to excellence and years of experience in design architecture enables us to custom design your frameless glass railings according to your specific taste. We recommend that you install frameless glass railings on your next home remodeling or new building construction project, you will be glad that you did.

Here are some of the benefits of installing frameless glass railings in your home and around your property.

  • Glass Railings are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Glass Railings allow for an unobstructed view.
  • Glass Railings protect against wind and noise.
  • There’s an absence of uprights, bars, or supports, which reduces injuries.
  • Frameless Glass Railings have no panels for children or pets to climb through.
  • Glass Railings are maintenance free.

At Cypress Glass, we will work with you to create a stunning custom designed frameless glass railing that matches your home and fits your style exactly. These glass railings will seamlessly integrate into the overall look of your home, completely transforming your home’s aesthetics while making a big impression on your guests and clients.

During the initial consultation and the design process, our design team will make a detailed assessment of the glass railings installation area and provide you with the best possible design options that will suit your needs. We will also present you with an affordable quote that will fit your budget while still delivering beautifully on appearance. 

If you’re in the Vancouver area and you’re looking to add some glass railings to your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all kinds of expertise and experience in working with glass railings and the design touches that they can add to your home that give it that little bit extra in terms of both appearance and functionality.

We service the Greater Vancouver Area, and our expert team will take care of your glass railing needs from start to finish. We’ll measure, design, and install your glass railing system and ensure that it fits into whatever space you’ve chosen to add it to. We’re familiar with all the latest building code requirements, so that’s never a concern for you, and all of our work is always performed to the highest degree of safety.