Decks and balconies are great things to have. The peace, the great view and the inspiration that arise from the solitude of sitting in a deck are all magical. Your outdoor deck is supposed to be a place you go to reflect and take a break from the craziness of the world. Because of this, a lot of thought has to go into its construction. We would not want an obstructed view, a dangerous deck or a place you have to spend a high amount of money maintaining. That is why the materials used in its construction have to be carefully selected. While conventional outdoor decks are constructed using wood, glass railings are actually a better choice. Here’s why…

Here are some reasons that prove that when constructing your deck railings, glass is the best material.

Ease of Customization or Flexibility

Everyone is aware of the flexibility or versatility in the usage of glass. It can easily be cut into your designed shape and size. It can be tinted or back-painted with any color of your choice and it can fit into any available space as your deck railing. A single glass could be used for a deck railing where you would have to cut so many pieces of wood for. You can also have a frosted glass or a glass with a blurred surface to create any effect perfect for the kind of deck atmosphere you have in mind.

Low cost of maintenance

Full transparency? The installation of glass railings costs more than other materials do. But in this case that is a good thing. A lot of money goes into creating the perfect railing for your deck to save you maintenance fee. A lot of construction experts will tell you that you are never ready for maintenance fee. It creeps up and bites you in the ass like the tax on a free car. But with glass as your deck railing, you never have to worry about maintenance fee. No termite can eat through your glass like it happens with wood and you do not need to constantly coat or paint it to prevent rusting like you would with metals. Cleaning is super easy and convenient as you only need water and soap. The cleaning process is so simple, you can stumble upon an inspiration whole cleaning.


Have you ever heard of tempered glass? Tempered glasses are those glasses who’s panels  undergo a special production process that enables them to have above average structural integrity and protection against cracking or extended damage. Tempered glass panels can withstand abrasive actions of harsh environmental conditions unlike other materials that could be used to construct your railing. Don’t just use any glass to construct your deck railing, use tempered glass.

Increased Visibility or Unobstructed View

Why do people have buildings next to a beach, popular monuments or great feats of engineering or architecture ? So that they would have the best view in the world. Unfortunately, when you use wood or any other opaque material to construct your glass railing, your wonderful view may be obstructed and you may have to sacrifice a great view for a little bit of comfort. With glass, you do not have to worry about that. Even with a blurry or frosted glass, the effect is simply amazing and could create unique picture styles.


When safety is discussed, glass is not usually the first thing to come to mind. However, glass is safer than you think. Owing to the invention of tempered glass, your railing can be constructed without any fear of the glass breaking, but it gets better. If it does break, which is a big if and you have to be doing some major activities for it to. If it breaks, it will break into small round pieces instead of tiny little shards. This way, the chances of being hurt are highly reduced since the round pieces are not sharp.

They are simply beautiful

Due to the flexibility and the fact that you can construct them in various colours, transparency levels, not to mention the various photographic tricks you can perform with glasses. Your deck is simply more beautiful with a glass railing.