Benefits Of Back Painted Glass
by Cypress Glass | April 25, 2019

Benefits Of Back Painted Glass

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To know if you care about the benefits of back painted glass, how about we go over what back painted glass is? What are back painted glasses? Well, they are simply glass that has their back painted in any color of your choice. Professionally, back painted glass is made by painting the second surface or back side of the glass, so they are viewed from the front side.

Before painting, the glass is cleaned to get rid of any dust that may distort the texture of the finished product. Then, the glasses are taped or masked at the edges to prevent the paint from flowing to the other side and the glass is painted evenly, one line at a time. The taping can also be used to create logos and designs depending on how it is done.

Finally, the glass is usually baked in an oven at over 6000 Fahrenheit to ensure that the paint adheres to the glass. They can be painted with any color you want. So you have a back painted glass with the right thickness, color, size, and texture but you have no idea what to do with it? It’s your lucky day. They are like duct tape in the 1950s, they seem to be suitable for everything and only a few people have discovered their magic. The following are some of the benefits of versatile back painted glasses.

The Alpha and Omega of Designs

This is primarily what back painted glasses are used for, other uses are secondary. Have you ever wondered why some home kitchen, bedroom, or lobby pictures often have this cool, colorful slick modern appearance? Well, black painted glass is the answer. Given the right detail, color, texture, and size, back painted glass can be used to design anywhere in the house, including the bathroom and shower walls and tiles, lobby walls, tabletops, countertops, or cabinet doors to beautiful gratifying effects. The aesthetic uses of back-painted glass in a home are not limited to these.

Due to their slick texture, they are easy to clean and bacteria and other germs find it difficult to attach to them. These characteristics of back-painted glass have made them suitable for constructing hygienic kitchen backsplash. They can also be used to fill up spaces to create a gorgeous splash of colors since you can get them in any color, tint or shade that you want. You can also make them yourself.

The New Breed of Marker Boards

Like weevils to grains, back-painted glasses have also gradually colonized learning institutions as they are the favorite materials to make marker boards from. They are also favored because you can easily clean permanent markers off them if mistakenly used.

The Perfect Product Photography Backgrounds

The importance of back painted glass in product photography cannot be overemphasized. Have you ever seen adverts for cool wristwatches or some cool drinks on a black background but with a slick reflection below them that seems impossible and you wonder how those adverts were created? Well, back-painted glass is to thank. Depending on the position of the studio light, any product placed on a black back painted glass should look beautiful with realistic yet magical reflections.

You have undoubtedly marveled at the beauty of back painted glasses and you would probably like to purchase some. Back painted glass suppliers can be found everywhere near you, you just have to look. Oh, have I mentioned they come in any color you want? Awesome!

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