The Reasons For Using Interior Glass Railings In Your Home
by Cypress Glass | December 13, 2023

The Reasons For Using Interior Glass Railings In Your Home

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Interior glass railings are not just a design element; they are a statement of style and a testament to safety in modern architecture. Whether in residential homes or commercial buildings, these railings add elegance and transparency, creating a sense of space and light. In this post, we’ll guide you through the essential aspects of choosing and installing interior glass railings that blend safety with aesthetics.


Understanding the Safety Standards

interior glass railing Safety is paramount when it comes to any architectural element in your home or business. Glass railings are no exception. At Cypress Glass, we ensure that all our glass railing systems meet or exceed local building codes and safety standards. Our tempered glass panels are designed to withstand impact and pressure, ensuring they are not just beautiful but also robust and secure.


Choosing the Right Type of Glass

The choice of glass plays a crucial role in both the safety and style of your railings. Tempered glass is often the preferred choice due to its strength and durability. Another option is laminated glass, which holds together when shattered, providing an additional safety net. We offer a range of thicknesses and finishes, from clear to frosted, allowing you to customize the look to match your interior design.

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Design Options: Framed vs. Frameless

The design of your glass railing system can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of your space. Frameless glass railings offer a sleek, uninterrupted view, perfect for modern and minimalist interiors. On the other hand, framed railings provide a more defined look, with frames available in various materials and finishes to complement your decor. Our team at Cypress Glass can help you choose the best design to suit your style and safety needs.


Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation is key to ensuring the safety and longevity of your glass railings. Our experienced installers ensure that each railing is securely fitted and meets all safety standards. Maintenance of glass railings is relatively straightforward. Regular cleaning with appropriate glass cleaners keeps them looking pristine. We provide detailed care instructions and tips to all our clients to help maintain the beauty and integrity of their railings.


Customization for Unique Spaces

Every space is unique, and so should its solutions. We specialize in customizing glass railing systems to fit any architectural design or specific client requirement. Whether it’s a curved staircase, a multi-level atrium, or a cozy balcony, our team is skilled in creating railings that are both functional and visually appealing.

Interior glass railings are more than just a barrier; they are a blend of safety, style, and sophistication. At Cypress Glass, we are committed to providing our clients with railing solutions that enhance the beauty of their spaces while ensuring utmost safety. Contact us to explore how we can transform your space with the perfect balance of safety and style.

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