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Miss that feeling you had when the house was new? We can help you get that feeling back by helping you remodel your bathroom and add new custom glass enclosures fixtures and more. We offer a wide variety of frameless glass shower doors and we are professionals when it comes to installation and greater Vancouver area. Our frameless and framed shower door styles include open and comfort sliding systems as well as several types of single action and all action door folding systems to suit your home.

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Tailor-Made Experience

Our glass bath enclosures are tailor-made to fit a client’s specifications, thereby ensuring a customized shower experience. These are made as per the space requirements of the project. Frameless glass shower doors spice up the style. Customized enclosures do not pose leakage problems since they fully meet dimension-related requirements.

Glass adds a modern, minimalist, and futuristic appearance to any space. People who like minimalist design with maximum functionality love glass bath enclosures. The bulky looks of framed enclosures decrease the style. Tacky hardware is replaced by a deluxe, rich glass feel. The modern appeal exuded by these doors complements both modern and traditional interior décor.

Metal enclosures rust over time and give a dilapidated look to your washroom/bathroom. Metal’s tendency to rust affects structural dynamics as well. Loose hinges or rusted bolts pose a threat. Glass bath enclosures don’t have rust-prone metal parts, thereby removing any corrosion risks. It also helps cut down on replacement and repair costs.

The style of a home determines the value it commands in the local real estate market. Homeowners must ensure that every renovation or addition enhances the inherent value. Whether it is kitchen renovation or the bathroom addition, it must help boost the resale price. The deluxe feel added by the glass shower enclosure surely adds lots of dollars to your home. Despite the upfront installation expenses, these surely are a long-term investment.

Bulky shower doors occupy plenty of space. Curtains can further worsen the space constraints in small-sized bathrooms. Glass bath enclosures open up space by virtue of being slim and slender in size. Also, the airy feel exuded by glass adds an optical illusion highlighting more space. The sense of a more showering area also improves the bathing experience.

Stagnant water underneath the metal frame is ideal for mold growth. The moist environment further promotes bacterial growth that can spread diseases. Glass significantly reduces the accumulation of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Also, glass enclosures can be easily sanitized and require minimal maintenance.

The maintenance of glass bath enclosures is minimal. Users just have to wipe them with a clean cloth and soap solution. Even after a heavy shower usage, a simple wipe can give a sparkly clean look. Replacement of broken glass depends on the scale of damage and is a subjective matter.